73% Einkorn loaf with wheat-flour and einkorn pre-ferment

Pre-fermented flour: 25%

Description: just another try at obtaining a nice einkorn loaf. Earlier I baked a 100% einkorn loaf according to the 100% einkorn recipe on mydailysourdoughbread.com and I didn’t like it. So here’s another shot, it’s an alteration of a recipe I found on breadtopia. Well, alternation is a bit of an understatement, I don’t think there’s anything of the original recipe in it, but, it served as an inspiration. So here it is, an experiment with a 73% einkorn and 25% percent pre-fermented flour coming from two different pre-ferments. I am much much happier with this experiment than with the experiments I carried out before. The bread look way way nicer, are easier to shape and has a much better oven spring.

Overall formula:

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Wheat flour 236gr 25%
Whole grain einkorn 690gr 73,2%
Whole grain rye 17gr 1,8%
water 641ml 68%
salt 16 gr 1,8%
Total 1600gr 169,8%

In case you wonder why there’s wholegrain rye flour in it: my mature culture was rye, so a tiny little bit of that ended up in the bread. Replace it with whatever culture you have.


  • 1. Make the following pre-ferments and let it ferment for ~ 12hr at 21°C (70F)

Wheat flour pre-ferment:

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Wheat flour 117gr 100%
water 117ml 100%
Mature whole-grain-rye-flour sourdough culture (100% hydration) 19gr 16%
Total 253gr 216%

Einkorn pre-ferment

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Whole grain eikorn 117gr 100%
water 175ml 150%
Mature whole-grain-rye-flour sourdough culture (100% hydration) 19gr 16%
Total 311gr 266%
  • After ~ 11.5hr, mix the following ingredients and let stand for 30min (autolyse). I tried to make the autolyse with the pre-ferments but that was virtually impossible. The dough became way to dry to mix so I added the pre-ferments.


Ingredient Weight
Whole grain einkorn 581gr
Wheat flour 127gr
Water 351ml
Einkorn pre-ferment 236gr
Wheat-flour per-ferment 290gr
Total 1585gr
  • After 30 minutes, add the salt and knead for ~5mins (by hand)
  • Bulk fermentation for ~2.5hrs @ 22 degrees C. Fold it twice at 50 min intervals.
  • Divide into two loafs of 800gr and give them a round pre-shape
  • Bench rest for about 15 mins
  • Final shaping and transfer to bannetons. I shaped one as a batard and the other as round loaf.
  • Proofing for ~2hr @ 22 degrees C.
  • Preheat oven very hot (I put mine at max, which is 275 degrees C)
  • Bake with steam @ 235C for 10 mins, let steam escape and bake another 25-30 mins at 220C.
  • Bulk ferment for 2,5hr with two strech and folds at 50min intervals

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