Buckwheat sourdough loaf

Some months ago a tasted the buckwheat loaf Dometic in Antwerp (https://www.domestic-bakkerij.be) and was stunned by the taste, lightness and beauty of that bread. Since then I have made a number of attempts to match that bread and failed miserably over and over. This is the first experiment that is getting somewhat close to that bread from Belgium. The recipe below was inspired by the recipe Pain au Levain from Hamelman (1st. ed page 158).

Pre-fermented flour: 13%


Overall formula

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Wheat flour 839 gr 87,5%
Rye whole grain flour 48 gr 5%
Buckwheat flour 72 gr 7,5%
Water 624 gr 65%
Salt 17 gr 1,8%
Total 1600 gr 166,8%
  • Make the following pre-ferment with 64% hydration and let it ferment for ~ 12hr at 21°C (70F)


Ingredient Weight Percentage
Bread flour 150 gr 100%
Water 90 gr 60%
Mature whole-grain-rye sourdough culture (100% hydration) 30 gr 20%
Total 270 gr 180%
  • Mix and knead the final dough. As you can see, you use a little less of the pre-ferment than what you made earlier. This is to account for losses in transferring the dough and dough that stick to spoons, spatula’s etc.

Final dough

Ingredient Weight
Bread flour 705 gr
Rye flour whole grain 35 gr
Buckwheat flour 73 gr
Water 530 ml
Levain build 240 gr
Salt 17 gr
Total 1600 gr
  • Bulk fermentation: 2hr and and two stretch and folds at ~50min intervals
  • Divide into 800gr pieces, pre-shape and shape round loaves and transfer to bannetons
  • Final fermentation for ~ 2,5hr
  • Bake at ~200 deg C. for 50min at the hearth of the oven using normal steam. The temperature might seem a little low, this is because of the buckwheat which has a tendency to burn at lower temperatures than wheat.

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